Dark chocolate cake.


1 cup Maida(Cake flour)

1 cup plain sugar/Poweder sugar( For a really good and better taste ,i recommend personalyy Plain crystal daily sugar)

1/3cup of cocoa powder(I Recommend personally the Cadbury Cocoa Powder)

A pinch of Baking Soda.( Aprox half a tsp)

1tsp Baking Powder.

2 Eggs

A pinch of salt


Butter-100 gms.

Milk(If needed to smooth the batter.)

1 tsp of vannila of essence.

NOTE:- The full bar of chocolate can be used for making the cream for the cake& and little small amount in cake batter)


♥ First Beat up th butter and sugar with hand blender or a mixer,it should be smooth like a icing, nice and soft.

♥Then,add eggs one by one ,beaten up nicely with the butter and sugar,it should be nice and smooth ,without lumps in it.

♥Add Vanilla of essence to the mixture,and mix.

♥Add hot melted chocolate( It can be melted in double boiler or Melted in Microwave)

♥Sieve the Maida ,Baking soda , Baking Powder, salt directly to the mixture

♥Cut and Fold Mix.

♥Preheat oven-200C aprox, for 5 mins.

♥In a Aluminium tin grease with butter or line with butter paper(stick butter paper with butter)

♥For more good taste  ,whole pieces of chocolate can also be added.

♥Add batter to the tin,place in oven for aprox 50-55 mins for 150.C to 180-C.

♥Check the cake with a tooth pick if cooked ,if not placed inside in oven for more mins, if done cool the cake for about half n hour in the tin itself.


♥AMUL DARK CHOCOLATE cut into pieces,add little butter and let melt in microwave for few mins (aprox 2-3) , or in a double boiler until melt.

♥After cooling the cake , cut the cake from between and apply sugar syrup and soak.

♥Apply the melted chocolate /cream in between cake and above all over.

♥Decorate as per ur creativity.(I recommend personally with lits of chocolate pieces )

NOTE:-DOUBLE BOILER- Place a utensil ,add enough water boil it, place a utensil inside and put chocolate in it and melt in it ,hold properly)



Chocolate Brownie.



♥1 cup Flour

♥1 cup Grain Sugar

♥1/3 cup cocoa powder.(Cadbury Dairy Milk recommended.)

♥2 tsp vanilla essence

♥4 TBSP of melted Dark chocolate(Keep some Pieces to chop and add in the mixture.)

♥1 cup Butter.

♥2 Eggs.

♥Milk required if to thicken the batter.

♥2 tsp Baking Powder

♥1 tsp Baking Soda.

♥Pinch of salt.


♥Beat Sugar, Butter,Vanilla essence together till the mixture is creamy.

♥Beat Eggs in the mixture.

♥Sieve Flour,Cocoa,Baking Soda,Baking Powder,Salt in the butter mixture together.

♥Cut and Fold the Brownie Mixture.

♥Add Melted chocolate and chopped chocolate pieces.

♥Apply Butter on the Cake Tin or line with a butter paper.

♥Pour the mixture in tin.

♥Preheat oven aproxx 180ºC for 5 minutes.

♥BAKE on 150-180ºC , for aproxx 40-45 minutes.

♥Done ,COOl for a while and then cut into squares.

Chocolate shake:-

THIS chocolate shake drink,is an very relaxing and tasty drink for summers,especially for the chocolate lover’s.


♥Milk-1 cup

♥Cocoa Powder-1½TBSP


♥Nescafe cofee-½tsp

♥Vanilla icecream-35gms(aprox 3TBSP)


♥MIX the cocoa powder,sugar , and milk together very well.(until the sugar melts)

♥ADD Nescafe powder , and mix well.

❤Strain the milk mixture.

♥At last add the vanilla icecream and mix well.

♥Serve cold.

Kurmura bhadang.

This is an very tasty snack for spicy lovers.. And very chatpatta,goes good for an evening snack.


Kurmura(Puffed rice) -2½ cup

Garlic cloves-4 to 5 medium sized

Chilly powder- aprox 2½( according a per your spicy requirement)

(Turmeric powder) Haldi-½ tsp.

(Asafoetida) Hing- ½tsp

(Cumin seeds) Jeera-½ tsp

(Mustard seeds) Raiie-½ or a little more as per requirement.

Pickle masala- 2 to 3 pinches

Corainder powder-2 tsp

Black salt – a pinch

Coriander leaves and mint leaves.

Pepper powder-a pinch

Pani puri masala- 1 tsp

Curry leaves- half a stem.

Onion chopped-1 whole

Lemon- 1 tsp aprox


♥For this you need a kadai or a deep pan.

♥Add oil in the pan, let it heat it up.

♥Add jeera, mustard seeds, hing, a pinch salt, haldi, curry leaves and fry them nicely till curry leaves crispy.

♥Add the kurmura or puffed rice and mix well, the kurmura should turn yellow n crispy. If not crispy then mix on medium flame for a more while.

♥After that make a well in between, add oil in it, crushed garlic n mix well.

♥Then mix kurmura well in that oil n grlic.

♥Add the remaining masala’s chilli powder, corainder powder, black salt, pani puri masala, pickle masala,and salt. Mix well and add oil more if needed.

♥Let it cool for a while. Then add the chopped corainder leaves, mint leaves, onion finely chopped, lemon juice.

♥Mix well

♦Done ready to eat Your chatpata spicy kurmura.